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Barbizon Modeling School     1983

Haltom City Beauty College         1986  

(Licensed Cosmetologist Va./Tx.)

Real Super Hair Academy           2010 

(Instructor's License Va.)

Natural Lash                                2010

(Certified Natural Lash Technician)

Hollywood Expression Makeup Artist School (HEX)      2010 (Honors- Certified Makeup Artist)

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions   2010

(Achievement Certificate)

Universal Class - Braiding Hair   2010

(Course Completion Certificate)

Universal Class - African Hair  Styles, Cornrows, Dreadlocks,  Extensions, and Hairweaves       2010

(Course Completion Certificate)

Airbrush Makeup Application  Training

( Course Completion Certificate)  2010 

Permanent Makeup Artist Bella

(Course Completion Certificate )  2014

Permanent Makeup Artist Beau Institute 

(Course Completion Certificate)  2015

American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED

( Course Completion Certificate) 2015 

Ellie Malmin Lash ,Brow and Makeup Academy

( Course Completion Certificate) 2015

American Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Tattoo Artist

( Course Completion Certificate) 2015

 Austin,Texas BloodbornePathogensTraining.com

OSHA Bloodbourne Pathogen Training

( Course Completion Certificate) 2015

West Palm Beach, Florida Bloodbourne Pathogens &

Communicable Disease For Tattoo Artist

( Course Completion Certificate) 2016      


Permanent Makeup Artist

Professional Makeup Artist

Professional Flawless Airbrush Makeup Artist

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Best expressed by my two favorite sayings:

" There are no rules when it comes to makeup" -Kevyn Aucoin

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art. "  -Ralph Waldo Emerso

Victoria is a certified professional Permanent Makeup artist, currently based in Florida. Victoria has been working as a Permanent Makeup Tattooist from the beginning of 2015. Since then she has been working in different states such as Dallas ,Texas (DFW), Northern, VA, and Florida. Victoria has taken a second course and completed it in permanent & corrective makeup towards the very end of  2015  in New Jersey, NY with Beau Institute of  Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics.

Victoria provides a large variety of Permanent Makeup Procedures such as different types of permanent eyeliner, lip liner, blended lip liner, 3D lips, full lip color, 3D feather hair stroke eyebrows, powder eyebrows, solid shaped eyebrows and eyelash enhancement. Victoria corrects Permanent Makeup tattoos, that has gone wrong and she does color correction as well ( blue/green/purple eyebrows). Victoria does Permanent Makeup camouflage tattooing. Victoria finished a curse in paramedical procedures i.e. 3-Dimensional nipple & areola pigmentation tattooing.

Victoria utilizes the very latest and up to date application techniques, she uses the Nouveau Contour Devise, this machine is the leader in the development of new techniques and ensures the highest and safest standard for all products. Nouveau Contour is the leading brand when it comes to micropigmentation, equipment, and needles. Victoria uses the quality-tested color pigments, disposable supplies, vigilant on sanitation/sterilization and the highest level of topical anesthetics, for comfort, safety and satisfaction of her clients. Victoria highly considers her clients wishes and desires and never starts the procedure , when her client is not a 100% satisfied or sure about the shape, color or measuring. Clients satisfaction comes first place!